Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access EAP services?

University of Florida employees may arrange an appointment by calling (352) 392-5787 or emailing Supervisors are also encouraged to discuss problem situations that are negatively affecting the job performance of an employee in order to facilitate a referral to the Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

During the appointment, an EAP consultant works to help clarify problems and concerns and develop ways to address such issues. Employees are eligible for an average of six visits per fiscal year.

How do I sign up for support groups/workshops?

How much does it cost to be seen?

There is no charge for services provided directly by the EAP. If additional counseling is necessary, EAP professionals will refer employees to community providers and agencies that accept University health insurance plans or charge fees based on income level.

Who is eligible for EAP services?

EAP services are available to all University employees, including:

  • Faculty members
  • TEAMS personnel
  • USPS personnel
  • OPS employees

Will my visit(s) be kept confidential?

Use of the EAP by individuals is confidential. Information shared with an EAP consultant will not be disclosed to anyone without the employee’s written permission unless there is direct threat of physical harm to the employee or someone else.

Under no circumstances will EAP records become part of an employee’s personnel file.